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  1. Gabe Ignetti

    Headed in the Wrong Direction

    I’ve recently read a call from the most prominent founder of the budding Ecomodernist movement, Michael Shellenberger, for a boycott of the Climate March in protest over our “exclusion” and the fact that the subtext of this movement, in calling for a 100% renewable solution to our Climate Crisis, is anti-nuclear by default. While I have great admiration for Micheal Shellenberger in terms of both his intelligence and leadership I cannot find a solid justification for this decision. I am at a loss to grasp the reasoning behind this call as it leaves me with many questions and no good answers. My first question would be whether the purpose of the march outweighs it’s subtext in importance and even whether this alleged exclusion actually exists to begin with. It is quite true that that all the organizations that are leading this event take an anti-nuclear position but this does not change the fact that purpose of this event is primarily to mobilize massive protest demanding climate action. The fact of the matter is that the leadership of the Climate March is in no position to exclude anyone who supports climate action from participation in this event and even if this WERE to be the fact, from a tactical point of view, any and all attempts by the leadership to muzzle or exclude our participation , far from being a reason to boycott, would be a golden opportunity to RESIST in the name of INCLUSION. Conversely, the very act of boycotting this event carries its own subtext that mass climate action is neither important nor necessary enough to warrant participation in spite of our differences. It should be obvious that this in not the case especially in light of the gross denial of the President and the majority of Congress that this potentially existential problem even exists. Opposing action on Climate Change accomplishes nothing but to reinforce the widespread perception of our being “shills” and enemies to the very people who we need to reach the most. It undermines both our credibility, our political maturity, and any rightful claims that we make to being the better and most consistent environmentalists. We need to learn from our history. The American Revolution was started by slaveholders and the French Revolution ended with the Guillotine. Women’s Suffrage was as synonymous with the Temperance movement as today’s environmentalism is with pseudoscience and, in every case, the test of time has proven their causes worthy. It is no less true today. People and movements are far from perfect. The very fact that the leadership in the cause of Climate action is objectively misleading this movement is all the more reason for us to be there fighting to take up their mantle. It’s time for Ecomodernists to take the lead!

    Gabe Ignetti

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